"My sessions for individuals, students, entrepreneurs, and organizations explore the new world of opportunity indulged with positive vibes, unlock hidden potential, enable action through emotional intelligence".

- Rajalingam Rathinam

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Emotional intelligence skills are important for all employees and these qualities are more essentials for those who lead the team. This program enhances your career skills 5X...

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We all believe professional success is dependent on one's cognitive skills and the results you deliver. Inability to understand and manage emotions limits you from achieving the success you desire.

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Being in touch with our emotions and what draws us happy allows us to focus our time and resources on giving ourselves with more of the things that make us happy...

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Having a high level of Emotional Intelligence will help you strongly handle your negative emotions. This will lead to a reduction of psychological distress and most of the physical problems.


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Why Employers Prefer Candidates with High Emotional Intelligence? | by Rajalingam Rathinam | StartupFlame | Medium

Employers constantly looking for top performers during their hiring process. Recent reports show that hiring managers are looking for candidates with higher emotional intelligence. EQ alias emotional intelligence is the most counted skill over IQ and technical skills combined. The world economic forum ranked emotional intelligence in the top ten job skills required in the coming year 2020. It doesn’t mean that IQ and technical skills are not important; however, it is the key competence. The person with the required skills is sufficient to perform his work daily, however, EQ will take him to the next level.

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