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EQFINITY - Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Consulting the only way to achieve infinite peace and happiness! We study and share scientific transformational tools & techniques. Begin to advance a step forward and maximize your life journey. The experience of self-discovery journey with EQFINITY is going to be amazing. It's definitely about discovering your best self and learning how to be this best self with others, who may not always understand you.


Rajalingam Rathinam is the Founder Director and CEO of EQFINITY , division of Aberame Pty Ltd. in North Sydney, Australia. He brings over 30 plus years of diversified experience in branding, marketing, consulting, and coaching to the EQFINITY team. Earlier Rajalingam Rathinam was contributing his creative and innovative branding and marketing technics to most of the top retails brands of India. Since 2011, he is a serial entrepreneur in the field of branding, marketing, information technology, and education consultancy services. As a successful business leader and entrepreneur, Rajalingam is the desired speaker, mentor, and coach and his focus are on career, growth, wealth, health the important four phases of everyone's life. He has created simple and easy to follow technics to overcome any predicaments with his extensive business experience and broad understanding of emotional intelligence. Simple and effective Emotional Intelligence coaching enables hin to help organizations and leaders to drive their goals along with their people. He writes and podcasts regularly on business, education, marketing, and emotional intelligence.

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Why Employers Prefer Candidates with High Emotional Intelligence? | by Rajalingam Rathinam | StartupFlame | Medium

Employers constantly looking for top performers during their hiring process. Recent reports show that hiring managers are looking for candidates with higher emotional intelligence. EQ alias emotional intelligence is the most counted skill over IQ and technical skills combined. The world economic forum ranked emotional intelligence in the top ten job skills required in the coming year 2020. It doesn’t mean that IQ and technical skills are not important; however, it is the key competence. The person with the required skills is sufficient to perform his work daily, however, EQ will take him to the next level.

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