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"Developing a high EQ can help determine your success, it can affect your choices by creating options we might not have thought otherwise or considered to be possible"


Emotions have an impact on everything in life and affect your life as it influences human behaviour and relationships. This program is designed for individuals or a group of students to guide them on how to use EQ effectively.

CAREERFINITY is a special intended program to guide, coach and mentor students to choose the right course or career option. Choosing the right path after their classroom session is the most difficult process for the students. Mentoring students on career growth through Emotional Intelligence is a special program for those who would like to shift focus from routine career development and self-improvement. This brief session will transform lives, and provide a clear vision to choose the right career path. Managing our emotions and taking regard for the emotions of others is all part of Emotional Intelligence. We teach how to associate yourself and others through simple methods of Emotional Intelligence.


One's emotional intelligence is something that can be shaped through habits to deliver growth and achievement. To shape your destiny, you need to master your emotions. We train you to achieve success by learning the secret of emotional intelligence.

More and more people accept that emotional intelligence is just as important to professional success as technical ability, organizations are increasingly using it when they hire and promote. Your success is also driven by emotional tools at your control. Your emotional intelligence lies in self-awareness/perception, self-regulation/control, motivation, empathy and social skills. Becoming more emotionally conscious allows us to grow and gain a deeper understanding of who we are, enabling us to communicate better with others and build stronger relationships. Here, we provide a good starting point to discover the full spectrum of your emotional intelligence.


Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize your emotions, understand what they're telling you, and realize how your emotions affect people around you. Our program will guide you on how to use EQ to increase your wealth.

WEALTHFINITY is a specially designed program to guide everyone to understand money can buy happiness If we are Emotionally Intelligent about it. The relationship between money and our happiness is studied that money could result in increased well-being if it was spent on experiences rather than material possessions. Most of us are not in touch with their emotions and have no true idea of what they want and what makes them happy. You wish and get it or you are satisfied with what you get it is two different perspectives and how you can be richer is in you, which means how you have complete control of your emotions. This program shows the way to live wealthier using emotional intelligence technique with what you have.


The level of Emotional Intelligence we have will change throughout our life. It is great that we can train and develop it to the positive side of our life. Healthy relationships keep us happier and lead to a healthier lifestyle. Let us learn to trust our emotions.

It is proved that people with higher emotional intelligence are more successful professionally and academically. Their relationships are also more satisfactory and of better quality. EQ has a positive impact on our health. Having strong Emotional Intelligence helps prevent different psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety. People who are too wrapped up in their emotions without knowing how to control them have higher levels of negative feelings. We guide you on how to train your Emotional Intelligence which will help you successfully handle your negative emotions.

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