Individul Assessments

1. I prefer to be in a positive environment.

2. I appreciate people around me frequently.

3. I feel insecure about being appropriate

4. I listen carefully and ask questions frequently

5. I always remember what my people care about

6. I always get into arguments

7. I accept my mistakes only if someone points out to me

8. I accept my mistakes once I realise it

9. I prefer to listen to others than talkative

10. I always think about other people perspective and respect it

11. I motivate my people when they fail

12. I appreciate every growth of people even if they are slow in result

13. I always encourage and motivate

14. I demonstrate powerful people skills

15. I always inspire others through my presentation

16. I understand people potential and push them towards it

17. I can easily convince people

18. I deliver 100% to the people who trust me

19. I am a practical person

20. I perform better than others those who are in a similar situation

21. I am inspired to become a leader and have a passion to coach others as well


Why Employers Prefer Candidates with High Emotional Intelligence? | by Rajalingam Rathinam | StartupFlame | Medium

Employers constantly looking for top performers during their hiring process. Recent reports show that hiring managers are looking for candidates with higher emotional intelligence. EQ alias emotional intelligence is the most counted skill over IQ and technical skills combined. The world economic forum ranked emotional intelligence in the top ten job skills required in the coming year 2020. It doesn’t mean that IQ and technical skills are not important; however, it is the key competence. The person with the required skills is sufficient to perform his work daily, however, EQ will take him to the next level.

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