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Rajalingam uses his more than a decade of experience, knowledge, and expertise in the field of emotional intelligence to create transformational change. His training workshops are usually custom-designed based on the client's requirement by helping people to take ownership of their feelings and to victoriously overcome emotionally complex situations. When there is an ecosystem of high EQ outflow, everyone wins - individuals, teams, leaders and the entire organization. His workshop is always facilitating interactive and impactful training sessions that cater to a variety of learning styles. It is equipped with EQ profiling tools as part of the workshops to provide personalized, actionable data to all participants.

Transform Strategy

Our assessment tool measures the level of emotional intelligence of individuals and identifies strengths, application and the area of development. The tools provide an insightful snapshot of your preference and strengths for processing emotions and cognition.

For teams:
A complete team assessment delivers rapid and accurate insight into the team’s current status. It indicates current performance and defines a precise approach to deliver optimal performance. Process change and ROI reports are the way to improve the team performance and this program does it.

For leaders:
A powerful 360-degree assessment, reports the balance of organizational and individual needs, strategy and operations, then gives valuable and practical solutions. This help organization to change process, to inform professional development and evaluate performance.

For organisations:
EQ Business assessment tool helps to understand areas of improvement and area of growth within an organisation. Result-oriented practically possible process structure for separate teams to assist them to deliver bottom-line success. This program highlights the drivers of performance with customised statistics for separate groups within an organisation.

Our Approach

We arrange for a Process Design Meeting (PDM) to understand the client's requirement or choice and design a custom workshop using a combination of assessment tools and coaching. This unique approach helps clients to improve team performance at various price points.

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Why Employers Prefer Candidates with High Emotional Intelligence? | by Rajalingam Rathinam | StartupFlame | Medium

Employers constantly looking for top performers during their hiring process. Recent reports show that hiring managers are looking for candidates with higher emotional intelligence. EQ alias emotional intelligence is the most counted skill over IQ and technical skills combined. The world economic forum ranked emotional intelligence in the top ten job skills required in the coming year 2020. It doesn’t mean that IQ and technical skills are not important; however, it is the key competence. The person with the required skills is sufficient to perform his work daily, however, EQ will take him to the next level.

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